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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 24, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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dudes almost 100 feet down in a cave with no oxygen tank. >> that's because he's free diving as well. >> oh, heck no. >> frantic moves to escape when things go horribly. if you don't want to jaywalk, you use the crosswalk. >> but maybe you shouldn't do that either. why this safety zone is minus the . he's calling his golf shots. >> over the street and over the fence. the moment of truth for one 3-year-old. and it's the hot new working work out. see who's behind the program
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helping celebs stay in shape. if i went to this class, i would not be in the twerkle, i would be doing the erkel. we are currently under weight at jacob's well in texas, an under water cave where a lot of people go diving. you're riding with dei diego, he's approaches. you don't hear any breathing sounds because he's free diving as well. >> oh, hec >> the sounds you are hearing is the mammalian reactions. he's just loss one of his flippers. he quickly turns around but he knows he can't get up with one flipper. he now starts heading towards
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the light. he cuts away his weight belt and slowly starts climbi. he looks down you can see one flipper, as he slowly gets closer to the the light. you wonder if he's going to make it before he finally reaches the surface. all these people are around him, but he is just fine now. jacob's well is very famous. they have discovered these two passageways one 4,500 feet. this place is notorious for people to do diving. eight people have died doing this. >> wow. >> that's absolutely terri he's breaking out that we have motorcycles. it's too dangerous. i have two videos that prove
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just being a pedestrian is a risk and maybe you shouldn't do that, either. look at these two pedestrians on a crosswalk. they walk right in front of the vehicle with the dash cam. >> look right! no! why would you look left when the danger would be coming from the right? he gets right up took it in the right leg. >> the driver is out of the vehicle. it doesn't seem like this older gentleman is at all upset. he picks up what fell out of his bag, all right, see you later, thanks for not killing me this time. the next video happened in singapore. it happens after the brig truck you see there has run over and pinned a pedestrian under its tire. >> under a truck? >> you do see and you have people pushing against the truck to see if they can make it move. even though the audio is not very good you can definitely
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make out some screams of the pedestrian. >> me a more people are coming along. >> about 30 people joined. you eventually see they are able to move it just enough. you sigh someone trying to pull the man out from under the truck. they do so successfully. unreal that it worked. how injured was the man. >> when emergency services finally came they took him to the hospital he's a 35-year-old man and he only had a fractured leg. according to the reports, the driver of the truck was arrested and the incident is under invest this man coming into the credit business in russia does not have business in mind. he ace a robber and you will not believe what his weapon of chos. that my friend is a metal pole. he starts hitting this woman. at the end of this incident you
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notice he does one thing right here he puts his finger up to his mouth like he's trying to quiet her. he got away with 10,000 rubles which roughly translates to $173. that's it. >> he's just wounded that woman physically and emotionally for basically less than $200. >> the good news is police eventually cat up to him. they say he does it because of his lack of another metal automobile used in this incident the man backing up he is just getting out of prison. this is the foyer of a prison. he has served his time. he's leaving at this moment. these two masked men attack this man. >> oh, wow. >> one of them had a gun, one had a hammer. one of those men has been arrested. they say he's 22-year-old outlaw
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biker gang member. can you believe that? you've done the time in the eyes -- >> in the eyes of the state, but you haven't paid a debt to whatever gang these guys are part of. >> he was released from the hospital that day. >> he was probably safer in pris don't let m are still on there. hot dry conditions create wildfire season for many parts of the world. this is from uk folks out on a boat on a lake near montenegro. there's a nearby wildfire. the plane is fighting the forest fires. oh that's such a dangerous maneuver. it somehow catching flips over and now is upsidedown in the water. the fos notice what happened. they spin around and start motoring toward the plane.
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reports say that pilot had only very minor injuries. >> that's such a dangerous job, the fire fighting pilots. but then you're having to refill like this? that's just crazy. oh! >> uh-oh. these trout are having some quality time. >> it looks leek they're getting it on a bit. >> see who decided to interrupt. >> messing up the whole day. plus it's a dance craze turned into a workout. >> famous people are flocking to hurl studio. >> twerk-out you don't want ♪ toto y youou, , ththeyey'r're e momorere than just a pet. soso p prorotetectct t thehem.m..... .....w.witith h k9k9 a advdvanantitixx® i ii. itit's's b broroadad-s-spepectctrurumm protection k ills fleas titickcks s anand d momosqsquiuitotoeses t too. k9k9 a advdvanantitixx® i ii.i. fofor r ththe e loloveve o of f dodogg™.
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an investigation in so paolo, something happens quite frequently at the shift change. every time at this moment it appears they all peel out of this building with the sirens going one after another at high speed. you can see the crowd has gathered. it's kind of like their version of changing of the guard. you can see some of the maneuvers are somewhat risky, especially here where you see one of the cars almost go careening into the crowd, but doesn't. >> lucky for them. >> further down the road someone
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else had their video camera rolling, and c. off to the side it goes screeching down the road. four officers were inside that one. one actually received some head trauma from the crash. as a result people are now investigating maybe, maybe, dial it down a notch? they are investigating whether they should be doing this and whether there should be some control. >> it's a big display of manhood, for no reason. this one from the uk. you probably could hear the faint sound of knick's teeth grinding. >> they're on the left-hand side. >> the guy jumped up like a ninja. just totally gets crushed under the wheel of this lorrie. >> there's a big window there. i don't know how you miss the guy. >> the sweetes pardon is the old lady she says i saw what
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happened and then this. >> >> oh. >> so lucky you are ok. we have all watched ducks in waterfowl. i always wonder what does it look like? you're about to find out. underneath -- >> trout are friendly. >> yeah they are, but it was not -- >> oh! >> the loon comes floating through. >> that's now hot you make friends with trout. u this how you make frien with a frog. >> tak two. what you want to do is go like this slowly. >> that's true. >> my dog loves that this is a how-to video. >> you might want to approach him with a compliment. "i like your shoes" is a great example. frogs are very susceptible to compliments.
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>> this is quite funny. >> this is not satire this is how you? become friends. >> he could possibly be a prince. >> let me kiss him. >> can you do all sorts of things. for example, you can put him on your shoulder. he will say there indefinitely. he's never going to hop. guys you're looking at what is now one of the latest hottest celebrity workouts and yes, this work is twerking this is lexie pantera, but she calls this the lex workout. famous people are fluking to get that workout. >> none of you have made compliments about my booty lately because i've been doing this workout for the past six weeks, and i thought i was making improvements. >> i was thinking about that. >> lex is dancing to major,
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"lean on" feature mo. they all were with her when she started. now she's these videos and a small business showing people how to do the twerk workout. they have a thing called the twerkle, where they get together and share the moves. >> hey, if you've got a business brand, you've got a brand thing, and i say good f. ♪ these brothers have a plan. what little bront wouldn't want to yank year brother's tube out? >> he's a dentist in the making. plus this guy has been challenged by his co-workers. >> like a whoa -- find out what he licked for five bucks. >> oh! hihi, , i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknklelerr and i know there are many mymythths
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i've been to say this is one of the easiest, cleanest cake pranks ever. >> so for this prank, we got a cake. >> the guys over at the studios decided to take a fake cake it's plastic, but pretend as they're carrying it it's going to fall. >> oh, gee! [ laughter ] >> and people do have that split second of a reaction where they think dak will be all over them. >> this is actually really really simple. everyone seems to get a kick out of it. this is fun for to everybody. [ bleep ] [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> oh, geez.
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>> that lady thought it was funny, but el she goes back later in the video. >> it's kind of like a comical relief on everyone's. >> i love that one, because everyone realizes it's fake but he picks it up and stays in character. >> it looks look a slice of cake. are you sure you guys don't wand the cake? >> no i don't. >> that girl is just not having it. she had to come back and was not amused. >> she don't have her cake and ea kids who have skills. the first child in the do you know buggy who can't see over the steering wheel, i might add, i think he'll grow up to be a dentist >> it's going to be in -- >> i love these kids so much.
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of course they are brothers. what little brother wouldn't want to yank year big brother's tooth out? that's reed in the go-cart. big brother is waiting, just anticipating the moment that his tooth is going to be yanked out. >> i love that he's playing with his little brother. >> this is a good family here. oh! [ laughter ] >> are you ready? yes. >> yes. >> that was a success, but where did reed go. a 3-year-old with mad golf skills calls his shot. >> over the teeth and over the fence. >> nailed it! into the backyard done. i call him mom and dad's 401(k). >> that's exactly how tiger woods started out. look not too much i think it's a bit of a slice, but heads down, and ther.
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>> this is all with a whiffle golf ball. dog versus elf. ♪ meet my friend abraham lincoln. i will gulf you five bucks if you lick the bottom of my shoe. >> uh, no. that's because you guys have a brain. they have bet one of their friends $2 to lick this grease collection plate. unfortunately they have an entrepreneur negotiate them up to five bucks, and then does it. this is disgusting. >> how much licking? a whole tongue full of grease? >> watch
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>> oh! ew. >> the guy is like wait wait people weren't ready. he goes in for s. what is with people today? >> it wasn't on the floor, it's not trash, not the bottom of the shoe but it's gross. honestly he should have listened to the little voice in his head that said no. in this video, the guy should have listened to the little voice next to hem. >> you should not do it. >> if a child says that you shouldn't do it. you know what? he believes in his almost. he's feeling inside in the inner target calling for him. >> this would never work. >> i'll give you five bucks to -- >> that was pretty funny. >> five bucks? anyone? ? when you have something to
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>> isn't? cats crazy in -- [ laught
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♪ social media are supposed to be fun place toss brag about things but sometimes they can be a buzzkill. like when you don't have anything to brag about, and everybody else is bragging about things. >> generally people use social media to brag like how many times have we seen proposals, she said yes, so he decided to have some fun with that. he teams up with a couple actors and then he gets rand many people probably complaining to where they're alternate and he convinces them to start proposing, and then takes that pictures and posts it on that you are facebook or instagram just to see how people react. >> how much talking does it take to convince someone to do that? >> i don't think it takes much. it's a harmless fun prank. >> it's actually really funny.
9:57 am
people gets hundreds of likes, and of course they always get the most attention. >> except people who know you really well. >> you're with my girlfriend of four years. >> so, that's his actual girl frrchd. watch who happens when she posts it. >> my sister just [ bleep ] with a dude. it also has some fun with some same-sex proposals. >> you're a gay gentleman? >> yes. >> all of your friend -- would confused or know it was a joke. >> right. and again people gog crazy congratulating them. >> it shows as well on social pleadia there's people you know but you don't know. you have hundreds of people whether you went to school with or worked before. >> i posted a photo with a random person i think it will be a s that's going to do it for us
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here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time
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live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." today is a hot monday and we're serving up a juicy helping of hot topics.
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plus birdman in an alleged murder plot against lil wayne. marianne garvey has the inside scoop. >> and we'll show you how to heat up your summer with the hot hottest looks for every occasion. now, here's wendy! >> wendy: hello! thank you.


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